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History of Antique Trunks and Chests


Most of the items displayed on the following pages are presented as EXAMPLES, reference items etc. THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE! For example, as stated on the appropriate page, we do not sell embossed metal, most of it has not been available for decades. (There are a few exceptions, a very few trunks and other items displayed ARE for sale, but this will be clearly noted.) Also, we DO NOT SELL parts or supplies.

Antique Trunk History

Styles of Trunks

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Auto Trunks

Doll Trunks

Flat Tops

Hide-Covered Trunks

Miscellaneous Trunks

Round Tops 

Stagecoach Trunks
Jenny Lind
Saratoga Trunks Are NOT Stagecoach Trunks!

Wardrobe Trunks

Antique Trunk History



    Embossed Patterns

Antique Trunk History

Interiors and Artwork


Manufacturers' Labels

Pictures of Children

Pictures of Ladies

Pictures of Men


Trays and Compartments

Antique Trunk History

Special Trunks

H. M. Barnum

Lottie Deno

Isaac Libbey

Bela Lugosi

Rufus Henry Pope Esq.

Where There's a Will.....

Antique Trunk History


Trunk Nails (vs. Screws, Nuts & Bolts)

LOTS MORE history of antique trunks on our

Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks CD

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Antique Trunk History


Antique Trunk History 

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